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Aloevine´s very first Aloe Vera drink started in our own kitchen, inspired by our friend Manny and his journey to a healthy lifestyle.

During a conversation, Manny told us he drank Aloe Vera drinks every day, mixing different fruit juices to minimize the unfamiliar taste of Aloe Vera’s natural gel-like pulp. The health benefits were obvious, as well as his struggle finding the right mix. That’s when he asked us to create a delicious, healthy Aloe Vera drink for him. Soon after, we branded Aloevine and shared it with the community.

We persisted!

At first, supermarkets were hesitant to buy aloe drinks, because they did not seem to know the product.

We persisted and came up with a great idea!

Aloevine dove into the food industry in 2001, introducing all the health benefits of an aloe vera drink with a taste everyone would love.

It wasn’t an easy road, but we were persistent. Supermarkets rejected our product, so we educated them about Aloe Vera drinks. Customers confused our drinks for Aloe Vera gel and poured it on their skin or hair, so we labeled “Ready to Drink” on our bottles. Stores refused to trust our products, but our successful demos demanded a need for supply. Aloevine made its spot on the shelf.

Today, after 20 years,
we export to Europe,
the Middle East, Japan,
and Central America.

We export to Europe, the Middle East, Japan, and Central America.

About us

Our focus is developing exclusive, natural-derived food and beverage products to promote health and well-being in the body and mind. Despite the current limitations in the co-packing system, JJ Martin Group prides itself on honesty: honest products and honest delivery.

As a major distributor company in the USA, we represent some of the most popular brands and products for grocery stores, supermarkets, gourmet delis, restaurants, colleges, and recreational functions.

What sets us apart

Aloevine grew into the company it is today from a place of honest dedication to help a dear friend in need. From personally learning all about Aloe Vera drinks in our kitchen with our friends and family to sharing it with our communities, our journey pushes us to educate and innovate. Just as our very first customers supported us with their enthusiasm, Aloevine supports our customers by giving them quality, tasty Aloe Vera drinks and all the benefits to wellcome that come with it.

We want to improve people’s lives by offering them healthier alternatives to sodas, artificial juices, etc.

We take time to …

We take time to acquire


Aloevine gets their aloe from Thailand and Vietnam because the quality of the aloe is higher due to the tropical environment in which it is grown.

We take time to wash


We spend hours washing. We triple wash our Aloe Vera plants and make sure they are in good shape before production. Then, the real work starts.

We take time to peel


We choose the best leaves and peel off layers and layers of rind and plant latex.

We take time to extract


We extract, measure, and divide the Aloe Vera gel, making sure we have the exact, equal amount for every drink we make.